Can't recall where I first encountered this, maybe Coevolution Quarterly, maybe some newspaper editorial page.
A chance encounter with the name Raskolnikov brought it to mind today.

(Haven't read Crime and Punishment in a decade or two, though good old, evil old Fyodor
used to be a favorite of mine.)

Why We Should Drop the Bombs

it would be so exciting
it would be so powerful
it would punish us for our sins
things wouldn't be so boring anymore
we could get back to basics
we could remember who we love
it would be so loud
it would be so hot
the mushroom clouds would rise up
we could start over
we wouldn't have to be afraid of it anymore
we wouldn't have to be afraid anymore
we would finally have done it better than Raskolnikov
it would release our anger in the ultimate tantrum
then we could rest

       —Alia Johnson, 1981.